Tranz Global can source over 200,000 GE, EMD, and ALCO parts from OEMs or Class One Railway Approved Manufacturers. Choose us for your locomotive spare part needs:


  • Pistons & Piston rings
  • Power packs
  • Cylinder heads & Cylinder liners
  • Crankshafts & Camshafts
  • Connecting rods & Wrist pins
  • WABCO & Gardner-Denver parts
  • Carbon brushes & Fuses
  • Oil cooler & Radiators
  • Traction motor support bearings
  • Electrical components
  • Fuel injectors & Parts
  • Gaskets & Seals
  • Pinions & Gears
  • Hoses & Couplings
  • Woodward Governor parts
  • Headlight & Lamp bulbs
  • Bearings
  • Valves, guides & Inserts
  • Turbochargers & Parts
  • Compressor hoses & Couplings
  • Carbon brushes & Fuses
  • Headlight & Lamp bulbs



Genuine Parts
Genuine Parts supplied by EMD, GE, or ALCO Distributors

Original Equipment Parts (OEM)
Original equipment parts supplied by the manufacturers who are past
or present suppliers to GE or EMD for their construction of

Replacement Parts
Replacement parts are remanufactured and repaired by companies
with American Class One Railway approval.

All items are guaranteed and fully interchangeable with the Original
Equipment Manufacturers form, fit, and function.

We are now offering parts for Komatsu, Euclid, and Unit Rig mining Trucks.
We are always adding new mining parts to our catalogue, please contact us with any part inquiries
you may have.

Please download our brochure here and see our offerings on electrical
components and carbon brushes.

Work with us for your Belliss & Morcom and Gardner Denver PET Compressor valve needs!
A longtime supplier to railways and compressor repair shops, Tranz Global now supplies Belliss
& Morcom and Gardner Denver PET Compressor valves and repair kits.

Our high quality parts are 100% interchangeable in form, fit, and function with OEM valves and
valve components.

Whether you need complete assemblies, springs, rings, or repair kits, Tranz Global is prepared
to supply the material you need to keep your PET Compressors operating at optimal efficiency.

Please see our attached datasheet for a complete line of product offerings.